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BLR 33100 2  (CD)   

BLR 33174    (CD/LP)      DR. HELANDER: Country Boy (to be released in Autumn 2014)
BLR 33169    (CD/LP)      KARI RIIHIMÄKI: Seasons
BLR 33168    (CD/LP)      GENE TAYLOR: Roadhouse Memories
BLR 33163    (CD)         DOOBIE TWISTERS: Live In Klubi - Roomful Of Doobies
BLR 33161    (CD)         ROBBAN HAGNÄS: Another Side Of Robban
BLR 33151    (3CD)        WENTUS BLUES BAND: 3 Original Albums
BLR 33150    (3CD)        ERJA LYYTINEN: 3 Original Albums
BLR 33146    (2CD)        HONEY B. AND THE T-BONES: Live Vol. 1 - Rockender Tornado Aus Finnland
BLR 33143    (CD)         MICKE BJÖRKLÖF & BLUE STRIP: Whole 'Nutha Thang

BLR 33141    (2CD)        BAD SIGN: Travlin' Bone - Bad Sign Anthology 1983-1988
BLR 33140 2  (CD)         DAVE LINDHOLM: Nuo mainiot miehet soivine koneineen
BLR 33136 2  (CD)         WENTUS BLUES BAND: Agriculture
BLR 33134 2  (CD)         MIKE WESTHUES: Shades Of Blue
BLR 33133 2  (CD)         DAVE LINDHOLM: In English
BLR 33130 2  (CD)         ESA KULONIEMI: The Legend Of Bicycle Bronson
BLR 33129 2  (CD)         WENTUS BLUES BAND: Wentus Blues Band (remastered+expanded)
BLR 33125 2  (CD)         DOGGTOWN: November Road
BLR 33124 2  (CD)         MIKKO LÖYTTY: Minkäs sille voi
BLR 33121 2  (CD)         DAVE LINDHOLM: D & D

BLR 33120 2  (CD)         JAKE’S BLUES BAND: Jake’s Blues Band
BLR 33119 2  (CD)         KEYSTONE COPS: Just The Glow
BLR 33117 2  (CD)         HONEY B & T-BONES: Terrifying Stories From T-Bone Town
BLR 33116 2  (CD)         ERJA LYYTINEN & DAVIDE FLORENO: It’s A Blessing
BLR 33115 2  (CD)         JARKKA RISSANEN: Tonal Snacks
BLR 33114 2  (2CD)        EERO RAITTINEN: Uhkapeluri - Eero Raittinen 60
BLR 33111 2  (CD)         DAVE LINDHOLM & JAKE’S BLUES BAND: Blue Moon Cars
BLR 33109 2  (CD)         MICKE & LEFTY: Big Bag
BLR 33107 2  (CD)         EERO RAITTINEN: Eero Raittinen And The Noisy Kinda Men
BLR 3398 2   (CD)         ERJA LYYTINEN: Wildflower

BLR 3397 2   (CD)         WENTUS BLUES BAND: Family Album
BLR 3394 2   (CD)         RECLOUDS: Reclouds
BLR 3392 2   (CD)         FRANCINE: Level 8
BLR 3391 2   (CD)         CHICAGO OVERCOAT: Nothing Left But The Blues
BLR 3390 2   (CD)         PEPE AHLQVIST & UMO JAZZ ORCHESTRA: Mister Blues
BLR 3387 2   (CD)         MICKE BJÖRKLÖF & BLUE STRIP: Three Times Seven Is...
BLR 3383 2   (CD)         ERJA LYYTINEN & DAVE'S SPECIAL: Attention
BLR 3382 2   (CD)         TORTILLA FLAT: Big Fish & Hot Legs
BLR 3380 2   (CD)         PEPE AHLQVIST & THE ROLLING TUMBLEWEED: Smalltimer
BLR 3379 2   (CD)         WENTUS BLUES BAND: No Beginner

BLR 3377 2   (CD)         KNUCKLEBONE OSCAR: Songs From My Heart
BLR 3376 2   (CD)         FRANCINE: Fullahead
BLR 3366 2   (CD)         BLUE MONDAY: Second Session
BLR 3364 2   (CD)         MICKE BJÖRKLÖF & BLUE STRIP: Swamp Baby
BLR 3362 2   (CD)         KEYSTONE COPS: Three
BLR 3359 2   (CD)         BLUES AFFECTION: Hard On Stage
BLR 3357 2   (CD)         FRANCINE: The Playmate

BLR 3356 2   (CD)         DOOBIE TWISTERS: Black Or White
BLR 3355 2   (CD)         OILING BOILING BAND: Featuring Brown Sugar Dixon
BLR 3353 2   (CD)         BLUE MONDAY: Blue Monday
BLR 3352 2   (CD)         BLOODSHOT EYES: Ain’t That Thing Too Cool For You
BLR 3351 2   (CD)         HELANDER CO.: Smooth & Rough
BLR 3350 2   (CD)         PEPE AHLQVIST & JARKKA RISSANEN: Doggone Blues
BLR 3349 2   (CD)         THE PIRATES: Land of the Blind
BLR 3346 2   (CD)         HOUSEROCKERS: Houserockers featuring Jimmie Lawson
BLR 3345 2   (CD)         BOCKHILL SPECIAL: One Night Stand
BLR 3340 2   (CD)         PEPE AHLQVIST & TUMBLEWEED: All Night Boogie

BLR 3339 2   (CD)         BLUES AFFECTION: Tales of the Yellow Moon
BLR 3337 2   (CD)         THE PIRATES: We’ve Been Thinkin’
BLR 3336 2   (CD)         KNUCKLEBONE OSCAR: This Is Knucklebone Oscar & His Hitmen
BLR 3333 2   (CD)         HELANDER BLUES CO.: Big Cold Beer
BLR 3332 2   (CD)         ONE O’CLOCK HUMPH: Beyond the Blue
BLR 3331 2   (CD)         JOLLY B GOOD: Live - The Radiomafia Tapes
BLR 3330 2   (CD)         BAD SIGN: Born Under Bad Sign/Runaround
BLR 3329 2   (CD)         BAD SIGN: Travlin’ Bone/Sleepwalk
BLR 3328 2   (CD)         JAKE VOUTILAINEN: Determination
BLR 3325 2   (CD)         HONEY B & T-BONES: Supernatural

BLR 3323 2   (CD)         WENTUS BLUES BAND: Chitlin’ Circuit
BLR 3322CD   (CD)         BLUES AFFECTION: September In Blue
BLR 3320CD   (CD)         KEYSTONE COPS: Trip In Emotion
BLR 3318CD   (CD)         BOCKHILL SPECIAL: What’s Goin’ On
BLR 338CD    (CD)         KEYSTONE COPS Slide and Smile
BLR 337CD    (CD)         WOODY GARRETT: Mr. Boogie Woogie Nighthawk
BLR 336CD    (CD)         ONE O'CLOCK HUMPH: Mambo Gumbo
BLR 336LP    (LP)         ONE O'CLOCK HUMPH: Mambo Gumbo
BLR-333-CD   (CD)         DOOBIE TWISTERS: Rocket Pocket
BLR-333-LP   (LP)         DOOBIE TWISTERS: Rocket Pocket

- Extended Plays/Singles
BLR 4595 2   (CDS)        DOGGTOWN: She Brings Me Back To Life

BLR 4591 2   (CDS)        MIKKO LÖYTTY: Minkäs sille voi
BLR 4589 2   (CDS)        WENTUS BLUES BAND: Take It Away
BLR 4588 2   (CDS)        KEYSTONE COPS: Save The World
BLR 4585 2   (CDS)        HONEY B & T-BONES: Skull Flag
BLR 4583 2   (CDS)        HONEY B & T-BONES: Funky Women
BLR 4582 2   (CDS)        WENTUS BLUES BAND: Blues Today USA
BLR 4579 2   (CDMS)       ERJA LYYTINEN: One More Time
BLR 4574 2   (CDMS)       FRANCINE: Call Me
BLR 4573 2   (CDS)        MICKE BJÖRKLÖF & BLUE STRIP: Ray Needs A Mojo Hand
BLR 4571 2   (CDS)        MICKE BJÖRKLÖF & BLUE STRIP: Mapman

BLR 4570 2   (CDMS)       AIKKA HAKALA BEAVERHUNTERS: Please Don’t Touch
BLR 4569 2   (CDS)        FRANCINE: Bye
BLR 4567 2   (CDS)        WENTUS BLUES BAND: Standing On The Edge Of Your Love
BLR 4566 2   (CDMS)       KNUCKLEBONE OSCAR: Money
BLR 4564 2   (CDEP)       THE EVIL TONES: Off The Track
BLR 4562 2   (CDMS)       FRANCINE: She Bop
BLR 4561 2   (CDS)        KNUCKLEBONE OSCAR: Cobra And Mustang
BLR 4554 2   (CDS)        FRANCINE: Losin’ My Mind
BLR 4552 2   (CDMS)       ONE O’CLOCK HUMPH: Man In The Moon
BLR 4550 2   (CDS)        THE PIRATES: Land Of The Blind

BLR 4549 2   (CDS)        BOCKHILL SPECIAL: It Ain’t What You Do
BLR 4547 2   (CDEP)       CHICAGO OVERCOAT: Mean Old Rider
BLR 4543 2   (CDMS)       WENTUS BLUES BAND: Boogie Man
BLR 4542 2   (CDS)        BLUES AFFECTION: Gypsy Moon
BLR 4541 2   (CDEP)       PEPE AHLQVIST & TUMBLEWEED: Boogie Thing
BLR 4540 2   (CDS)        JAKE VOUTILAINEN: Life’s Full of Surprises
BLR 4538 2   (CDS)        HONEY B & T-BONES: Dream About You
BLR 4535CD   (CDEP)       TORTILLA FLAT: Pills
BLR 4534CD   (CDEP)       WOODY GARRETT: Perfect for Parties
BLR 4533CD   (CDEP)       ONE O'CLOCK HUMPH: I Don't Want to Lose You

BLR 4532     (7"S)        C-C de PLICQUE: Up from the Ether
BLR 4531     (7"S)        STONEAGE I Keep: My Engine Running
BLR 4530     (7"S)        BLUES AFFECTION: A Train to My Freedom
BLR 4529     (7"S)        WOODY GARRETT: Flat Foot Sam
BLR 4524     (7"S)        WOODY GARRETT: Ride Your Pony
BLR 4522     (7"S)        ONE O’CLOCK HUMPH: Angel On My Shoulder
BLR 4520     (7"S)        ONE O’CLOCK HUMPH: That's All I Need
BLR-4513-SP  (7"S)        ONE O’CLOCK HUMPH: What About Love
BLR-4511-SP  (7"S)        DRAGONS: Space Cowboy
BLR-459-SP   (7"S)        DOOBIE TWISTERS: All I Want
BLR-457-SP   (7"S)        DRAGONS: Glass of Wine
BLR-451-SP   (7"S)        THE PIRATES: Lights Out

BLR 33171    (CD/LP)      CLINT BRADLEY: Riding After Midnight
BLR 33147    (CD/LP)      MAC CURTIS: Songs I Wish I Wrote

BLR 33137 2  (CD)         THE CLAYHILL BROTHERS: Twenty Below Zero
BLR 33132 2  (CD)         HAYDEN THOMPSON: Hayden Thompson
BLR 33128 2  (CD)         HEARTWORN: Heartworn
BLR 33123 2  (CD)         JUSSI SYREN & GROUNDBREAKERS: Heartagrass
BLR 33118 2  (CD)         WASEL ARAR & NORTHSTATE: State’s Evidence

BLR 33113 2  (CD)         HAL PETERS & HIS STRING DUSTERS: Western Standard Time
BLR 33113 1  (LP)         HAL PETERS & HIS STRING DUSTERS: Western Standard Time
BLR 33112 2  (CD)         JUSSI SYREN & THE GROUNDBREAKERS: Sea Of Changes
BLR 3396 2   (CD)         BAND’O: Band’o
BLR 3388 2   (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Cash Only - A Tribute To Johnny Cash
BLR 3385 2   (CD)         JUSSI SYREN & GROUNDBREAKERS: The Verdict
BLR 3361 2   (CD)         JUSSI SYREN & GROUNDBREAKERS: Factories and Fields
BLR 3342 2   (CD)         DALLAS WAYNE & THE DIMLIGHTS: Screamin’ Down the Highway
BLR 3341 2   (CD)         AIKKA HAKALA & BANDITS: True Stories - Mostly
BLR 3311 2   (CD)         THE LAKE COUNTRY BOYS: Empty Mansions

BLR 4592 2   (CDS)        HEARTWORN: Hazard
BLR 4590 2   (CDS)        JUSSI SYREN & GROUNDBREAKERS: Wings Of A Butterfly
BLR 4587 2   (CDS)        JUSSI SYREN & GROUNDBREAKERS: The Sacrament
BLR 4546 2   (CDS)        DALLAS WAYNE & DIMLIGHTS Stone by Stone
BLR 4545 2   (CDS)        AIKKA HAKALA Be Seeing You
BLR-4514-SP  (7"S)        NORTHWIND Six Days On the Road

BLR 33173 (CD/LP)         JOHNNY LEGEND: I Itch!
BLR 33172 (CD/LP)         RESTLESS: Seconds Out...
BLR 33170 (CD/DVD/2LP)    THE BLUE CATS: On A Live Mission

BLR 33167    (CD)         THE BLUE CATS: The Tunnel (remastered+expanded)
BLR 33166    (CD/LP)      BOPPIN' PETE 3: Dorkabilly
BLR 33165    (CD/2LP)     THE BLUE CATS: Best Dawn Yet
BLR 33164    (CD/LP)      MIKI LAMARR: In High Fidelity
BLR 33162    (CD)         ROCK-OLA: Beautiful Rough - Best Of Rock-Ola
BLR 33160    (CD/LP)      TEDDY & THE TIGERS: Master Cuts
BLR 33159    (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bluelight Rockabillies Vol. 6
BLR 33158    (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bluelight Rockabillies Vol. 5
BLR 33157    (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bluelight Rockabillies Vol. 4
BLR 33156    (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bluelight Rockabillies Vol. 3

BLR 33155    (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bluelight Rockabillies Vol. 2
BLR 33154    (CD)         VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bluelight Rockabillies Vol. 1
BLR 33148    (CD/LP)      THE SLIPPERS: Dancin' With A Hurricane
BLR 33144    (CD/2CD)     HAYDEN THOMPSON: Standing Tall
BLR 3395 2   (CD)         JUSSI SYREN ROCKABILLY REVIVAL: One Step Ahead Of Trouble
BLR 3386 2   (CD)         ROCK-OLA & THE FREEWHEELERS: Live On The Rocks
BLR 3384 2   (CD)         STRINGBEANS: 21st Century Timemachine
BLR 3381 2   (CD)         BILLY HANCOCK: Wanted True Rock ‘n’ Roll
BLR 3375 2   (CD)         RED HOT: Usual Thing
BLR 3374 2   (CD)         ROCK-OLA & THE FREEWHEELERS: Upskirt
BLR 3372 2   (CD)         BILLY HANCOCK: Shakin’ That RockaBilly Fever
BLR 3371 2   (CD)         WHISTLE BAIT: Bait's Motel

BLR 3371 0   (2CD)        WHISTLE BAIT: Bait's Motel
BLR 3369 2   (CD)         THE STARGAZERS: Groove Baby Groove
BLR 3367 2   (CD)         MAC CURTIS: Early In The Morning
BLR 3358 2   (CD)         ROLLOVERS: Rockabilly Mission
BLR 3344 2   (CD)         MR. BREATHLESS: Face It
BLR 3338 2   (CD)         STRINGBEANS: String Along
BLR 3335 2   (CD)         ROCK-OLA: Yesterday Is Gone
BLR 3335 0   (2CD)        ROCK-OLA: Yesterday Is Gone
BLR 3326 2   (CD)         THE WHISTLE BAIT: What Happened to the Girl Next Door
BLR-332-LP   (LP)         NIGHTRIDERS: Nightriders

50'S/MODERN ROCK'N'ROLL - Extended Plays/Singles
BLR 45105    (10"EP/CDMS) THE BLUE CATS: The Norton Spirit
BLR 45104    (7"EP)       VARIOUS ARTISTS: Rockabilly Ladies Night Vol. 1
BLR 45103    (7"S)        ROCK-OLA: Promised Land
BLR 45102    (CDS/7"S)    THE BLUE CATS: Billy Ruffians
BLR 45101    (10"EP)      MIKI LAMARR: Miki Lamarr
BLR 4599     (CDS/7"S)    TEDDY & THE TIGERS: Number One
BLR 4581 2   (CDS)        EERO RAITTINEN & GROOVY EYES: Lehdenjakaja
BLR 4580 2   (CDEP)       BONE FED DOGS: Bone Fed Dogs
BLR 4577 2   (CDMS)       GOOFY & THE GAMBLERS: Goofy & The Gamblers
BLR 4568 2   (CDMS)       ROCK-OLA & THE FREEWHEELERS: Caroline

BLR 4565 2   (CDS)        WHISTLE BAIT: Everlovin’ Man
BLR 4563 2   (CDMS)       WHISTLE BAIT: When The Time Stops
BLR 4558 2   (CDS)        ROLLOVERS: High Heeled
BLR 4548 2   (CDMS)       WHISTLE BAIT: Time Will Tell
BLR 4548 0   (CDMS)       WHISTLE BAIT: Time Will Tell (special package)
BLR 4528     (7"S)        LESS MISFITS: Joanne
BLR-455-SP   (7"S)        THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL GROUP: Little Queenie
BLR-454-EP   (7"EP)       THE BUTTERFINGERS: Stand On This Rock
BLR-453-SP   (7"S)        THE PHANTOM: Love Me
BLR-452-EP   (7"EP)       ROCK-OLA: Rock-Ola with the Butterfingers
BLR-331-EP   (7"EP)       THE FLEABRAIN: It’s Better with Blonds

BHR 33131 2  (CD)         WALTARI: Release Date
BHR 33126 2  (CD)         TAROT: Remasters 2006 Sampler
BHR 33122 2  (CD)         WALTARI: Blood Sample
BHR 33106 2  (CD)         TAROT: For The Glory Of Nothing (remastered+expanded)
BHR 33105 2  (CD)         TAROT: To Live Again (remastered+expanded)
BHR 33104 2  (CD)         TAROT: Stigmata (remastered+expanded)
BHR 33103 2  (CD)         TAROT: To Live Forever (remastered+expanded)
BHR 33102 2  (CD)         TAROT: Follow Me Into Madness (remastered+expanded)

BHR 33101 2  (CD)         TAROT: The Spell Of Iron (remastered+expanded)
BHR 3399 2   (CD)         FIVE FIFTEEN: The Sensational Five Fifteen
BHR 3363 2   (2CD)        TAROT: Shining Back - The Best Of Tarot
BHR 3363 9   (3CD)        TAROT: Shining Back - The Best Of Tarot
BHR 3354 2   (CD)         FIVE FIFTEEN: Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camembert
BHR 3354 0   (2CD)        FIVE FIFTEEN: Six Dimensions Of The Electric Camembert
BHR 3348 2   (CD)         MANNERHEIM: Mannerheim
BHR 3347 2   (CD)         TAROT: For the Glory of Nothing
BHR 3343 2   (CD)         FIVE FIFTEEN: Psychedelic Singalongs for Stadiums
BLR 3334 0   (CD)         ANTIDOTE: Mind Alive

BHR 3324 2   (CD)         FIVE FIFTEEN: Armageddon Jam Session Number Four
BLR 3321CD   (2CD)        TAROT: Stigmata
BLR 3319CD   (CD)         FIVE FIFTEEN: Progressive Hardrock Beyond the Mainstream
BLR 3317CD   (CD)         MANNERHEIM: Feel the Dawn
BLR 3316CD   (CD)         TAROT: Follow Me Into Madness
BLR 3315CD   (CD)         TAROT: The Spell of Iron
BLR 3313CD   (CD)         HUNDRED YEARS: Year In Year Out
BLR 339CD    (CD)         TAROT: To Live Forever
BLR-335-CD   (CD)         STRATOVARIUS: Stratovarius II
BLR-335-LP   (LP)         STRATOVARIUS: Stratovarius II

BHR 4598 2   (CDS)        WALTARI: Wish I Could Heal
BHR 4594 2   (CDS)        WALTARI: Never
BHR 4586 2   (CDS)        WALTARI: Helsinki
BHR 4584 2   (CDMS)       WALTARI: Not Enough
BHR 4559 2   (CDMS)       FIVE FIFTEEN: Silver Machine
BHR 4557 2   (CDMS)       FIVE FIFTEEN: I Don't Remember
BHR 4553 2   (CDMS)       FIVE FIFTEEN: Innocence Is No Excuse
BHR 4551 2   (CDMS)       TAROT: The Punishment
BHR 4544 2   (CDMS)       TAROT: Warhead
BLR 4539 2   (CDMS)       TAROT: As One
BLR 4537 2   (CDMS)       TAROT: Angels of Pain
BLR 4527     (7"S)        MANNERHEIM: White Room
BLR 4523     (7"S)        5.15: Sleepwalker
BLR-4518-SP  (7"S)        STRATOVARIUS: Lead Us Into the Light
BLR-4515-PEP (12"EP)      5.15: Ohmin laki
BLR-4512-SP  (7"S)        5.15: Nirvana
BLR-4510-SP  (7"S)        MANNERHEIM: Feel the Dawn
BLR-458-SP   (7"S)        THUNDER BAY: Anything for You

BLR 33138    (CD)         DAVE LINDHOLM & JARMO SAITAJOKI: Nuo mainiot miehet soivine koneineen
BLR 33108 2  (CD)         RISTO HOVI: Sohvalla
BLR 3310CD   (CD)         KAIMAANIORKESTERI: Ratinan rämeiltä
BLR-334-CD   (CD)         LOPUTKIN LOAT: Perämeren pohjukan puhuri
BLR-334-LP   (LP)         LOPUTKIN LOAT: Perämeren pohjukan puhuri

FINNISH POP, ROCK - Extended Plays/Singles
BLR 4526     (7"S)  
     FROGLEY: Vanha mies
BLR 4525     (7"S)  
     LÄTSÄ: Sievä pää
BLR-4519-SP  (7"S)  
     5.15: Kesäinen Stadi
BLR-4517-SP  (7"S)  
     LOPUTKIN LOAT: Pilvilinnat
BLR-4516-SP  (7"S)  
     AVO HEYSKANEN: Hei kello mä oon aikapommi
BLR-456-SP   (7"S)  
     PEIPPOSET: Kotkan Kerttu


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